Xenon 2, Amiga – Overlooked Oldies

this is xenon to mega blast this is for the amiga this is repressed by Ian what which might be in wuk that’s probably what it is anyway I like xenon it’s a princely gas it’s so noble you know won’t react with only anything yeah anyway let’s play some gases are just so cheap you know they’ll time react with anything like oxygen fluorine yeah huh so this is a vertical crap-shooter as you can see and it’s by the bitmap friends it’s pretty cool oh my god I don’t even want to think about what that’s supposed to be probably these are like actually sort of Oh it’s a thing yes it’s a thing I fastened it to my rear end he’s got this thought you know matic action Oh God yeah these these little things are like primitive forms of life like this some kind of you know big bad entity that’s taken over the universe and all of day and gap and for some reason the answer to that is a spaceship one spaceship against the doom and such the music stopped is disgrace I like music it’s kind of funky oh but no retain sug oh my god at this search they’re like trilobite that’s really cool I watched trilobites formerly in box no I didn’t see trilobite figuratives I insured two alibis in a museum he’s really cool these things like three nope our old-fashioned early 300 million years old or something you know it’s like one of the first you know animal forms of life and it was just really cool oh good I civ suckin achievement yeah and it was just just seeing these fossils of these things simply been in the ground for million years now I come along and shoot them yeah Oh God so yeah I yeah I various kinds of like the direction the thrusters smooth understand like as you move its trust there’s a little smashes that’s pretty cool there existed shots in this game and forward to getting into one of those because I like being able to choose my capability ups but yeah those waggling things are really disturbing the jello forger for journalists things there is an auto fire but it fires like that which isn’t very good so I have to keep pressing the back button in designing these sports for old paws some rationale they foresaw this was kid stuff oh yeah is this quite cool game knock fragment my brothers are a bit hit-and-miss for me I like raced book more I didn’t like chaos engine so much and so yeah well um but this is quite cool Oh enter a store where was it it precisely performed 76 I like this star field effect that’s quite funky fairly especially in those eras that would’ve been really cool right Oh My Christ here are one ugly oh I want what I want to sell you well I’ve got these TVs but there’s nothing good on so I suspect real currency 750 yeah look at him he’s got headphones on he’s like that’s like a predator with a bayonet with a pierce an iPod okay let’s see what we got now hey s sizzling f hound super commonwealth’ nashwan influence auto fire and that were useful save my thumbs speed up advice don’t want your advice and what makeup tutorial I’m gonna get the super Nash wind power because no or a my force is nothing that enormous okay I’m just get off yeah okay I’ll buy that give me the cash what else do you want for nothing I guess thank you come again oh my murderou bright killing monstrosity shooting a lot of things and and it’s he’s so beautiful out and his it’s gone oh that was just cruel give me that and then give me no adversaries to kill with it and then have a wicked oh wait I gotta go back to the shop oh I died my mother in this house I can’t help it my list fits in the high school table that’s what yes idolatrous I’m already ready I was born ready yeah but you ready now yeah okay I terrible shoot-’em-ups but I do like him Nicholas no stop that like that fleck of music that’s what you call it look at that thing I know what that is it some kind of fulfill these things at the side they’ll at least filter-feeding animals egg whoa ah epileptic affect yeah this is cool i like it sir what do you think about shooters they’re always they’re always scrolling either up or up or up all right it’s never left or down or diagonally oh no there are someone that died in what is that one on neo geo what is called this looks like isometric perspective that’s pretty cool to play that funding emulator for it like I’m going to buy a neo geo yeah so anyway I’ve been kind of gone from youtube for a while I’ve been quite distracted by substance and things things that which I must not speak confidential things little thing at my interesting animation yeah and unlike but but yeah i have i have got something coming up soon nor you think which is which should be of interest a little project I have a secret project yes no I said too much then you didn’t hear that but yeah you are able to see anything of that soon i’m a master of suspense and not a master of shooting things which is unfortunate because that’s what this game is for a narky dying damn it I died again alright well that was a fun game but I think there’s not much to be gained from watching me toy anymore so I’ll left open there and should get more videos coming soon precisely a quick one today and thanks for watching I’ll see you next time hopefully soon of course if you’re watching this month down the line is it like what are you talking about this is just a playlist well at the time this was uttered it was anyway doesn’t matter bye it move into the music yeah I meditate I examine this in one of the doodle flick is this I stole that name though um I had it on like a playlist of a mega remix music hello didn’t seem to be that remixed cuz it seems quite similar anyway look at that I got to high school I vanquished everyone else on that table regardles why is this video still on

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