Harry Lewis, Introduction

>> HARRY LEWIS: I’m Harry Lewis. I’m a professor of computer science here at Harvard. I went to Harvard in 1964, as a rookie. And except for three years off during the Vietnam War, I’ve been here ever since. >> I am now head of the undergraduate program in Computer Science. And I have learned many different routes over the years. And I would like to tell you a little bit about some of the interesting things that went on at Harvard, of which I has had some contact over the years. >> Now is my undergraduate thesis in 1968, which I have a two-dimensional programming language. This is a core memory level. However, it is small magnetized donuts that strung at the intersections of wires. And that was the way the storage was done in front of semiconductors has a viable technology. >> This is an early 15 GB iPod, which I like to not because someone’s affected with a 15 GB iPod, but because it’s a 70 megabyte drive. And they swam in the disk that was about the size of washing machines. So “theres only” 70 MB of remembrance. It gives people a certain feel of how things have scaled down ..

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