ChinnyVision – Ep 103 – Xenon 2 – ST, Amiga, Master System

hello and therefore welcomed another exciting edition of Chinni vision this time it’s then on – is it on – is the 1989 shoot-’em-up game by the bitmap brethren it’s a vertically moving shoot-’em-up reasonably traditional although it had a lot of plaudits at the time for mainly its graphics and it’s say on the soundtrack is by bomb the basi and we’re going to start off on the Atari ST and yes and thanks for the Medway boys I’m gonna application a cheat on this because then on to is notoriously challenging and I want to get a little bit further into the game so we’re going to select infinite lives and infinite credits on the ST here you have no UI rendition of rocket the bass music by David Whittaker who did I conclude the music on the Amiga est copies it involved on the Amiga certainly sequencing samples from the original lyric and then putting it all back together on the Amiga one the first instances of a real-life song being ported to a home computer for competitions such as this reason I’m starting on the ST is because this is the first account I appreciated it at there was a fundraising day at institution and my teammate bought his ST in with xenon 2 which I’ve never seen on his computer before actually and charge parties Tempe a go like an arcade machine to play on xenon – so we’re loading the game from distances this is a single disc version by the Medway boys one of the cracking radicals “thats been” around in the 90 s together with the pompey pirates so I is also expected to have an allegiance to given them close to the port’s enough that I am to the Midway area stop taking away hang on a zero-order pacify us shell there we go get ready player one and off “theres going” the first thing that strikes you is these luxuriant semi 3d they search 3d graphics that when your send moves you view different part of the ship the adversaries revolve and move around it’s very impressive and what do you recollect the st only has a limited color palette and restriction amount of colorings on the screen this is extremely superb it looks very very smoothed it’s a nice implementation of colors I am expending auto fire which is actually a potent ailable in video games that you can buy but I’m just use you’ll – following the joystick I don’t know why they’ve done that because what you can do is you collect these achill be seen off a shot of curve of foes appreciate them on your shirt when I hear one you obtain these arenas but ascribes and then you expend them in the shop there we go there’s one there I kept to it up there yeah I’ve got it and that that’s a ascribe that I can devote in the shop there’s another one the midway pitch of each level at the end of each level virtually new ideas of ripped off from Blood Money did blood fund well did blood coin coming for four days I think it did I suppose Blood Money was before this I’m gonna go on Wikipedia converged up and isn’t the credit there and these sometimes these levels split off into two about a quarter of the way to the level on the first height here and if you go right I believe I’m like foolish that’s a dead end yeah you can see as I moved closer there that was a dead end so you can reverse in this game a limited amount as well but you can’t go back forever and ever and here’s the browse there’s the storekeeper and you can sell items from your send and you can buy them as well so what’s that that’s the real he will buy my once want to do that I’ve sold my shop for five hundred ascribes a terminated debris tongue so I should are infinite approvals in agreement with the red void Medway boys trainer I had and I’ve just checked on Wikipedia blood money is also 1989 so all I don’t know who’s who’s borrowing from the world health organization and neither them seeing each other’s sports don’t know so I have to assume that this is an original feeling therefore it’s the best thing to do we can buy items there we have to exactly click on them and you tell you what it is they click on it again then you buy it so you have to go through each time to learn which one it is why they come in little bit of text on each of those icons I don’t know I also know what the advice icon is either that you accuses you 200 pounds or turn the approvals for opinion there we go finishing the shop I can’t you level about halfway through now and watch these things inside that channel praises well honest there’s a big variety of foes and they all it’s very organic because is supposed to be an organic determine they’re supposed to find the foe at the end of the level that has a big bomb on it you have to shoot him to disable it you can watch it on the end of this degrees a giant snail thing that will see the recover extents can be a bit disheartening when you die you sometimes are not dumping that quite away so if you pass go to a different sphere like this section now that’s taken me various attempts to have a good impale at it it’s very difficult because it dumps you back so far the public roxtor we should be coming up to the end of the level only the ouy triple EST three paths unfortunately the music pretty much goes to the background when you’re shooting that you can’t really hear it extremely the part record and it all we can hear is the shooting sounds and there we go that’s the big is it’s now or something I’m the sea monster again very detailed it’s absolutely beautiful lovely shadowing on that looks very 3d the graphics artist is truly is essential to commendation because again on the esti we don’t have all those shades you look at 16 colorings that you can display at once what might be a member with 32 in a standard screen mode and if there’s a lot more another screen procedure you know this this looks very detailed and very impressive end of degree store near we should have some fund very because I’m not going to sell anything off my send this time I just say without the mislead older you’d be long since dead so a hand-picked some power-ups and if show me all the ones that I can afford about I made I had infinite recognitions “feel like i m cheating on” I could affirm blind I did it doesn’t appear to be working infinite beings is working the infinite recognition thing is not so we’re gonna get a few more power-ups here because there’s various power-ups that go to the side behind you volunteer things like smart devices additional vigor speed up all the standard stuff and that’s a little about what xenon 2 is all the standard stuff when you get away from these thought graphics and the neat soundtrack as well there’s nothing new here actually it’s a moderately standard shoot them up and there’s many better recreations of its type we’re just learning at stage 2 now I’m hoping the graphics are gonna realize a significant difference for degree 2 like kindles other plays like nemesis we get a big difference between the levels still terribly organic and nice but no big change about these area shooting things now that are actually do with auto-fire you get a good aged coverage of your missiles over the screen I have tried playing the dental sketch it’s quite difficult certainly because you can be a lot going on this is not an easy game it has to be said not an a easy game at all account me if you want to complete it there’s about an hour’s worth of gameplay here but there’s not now of this and you know what what you’ve seen so far there’s no real significant developments once you’ve represented this game for ten minutes you’ve really seen everything you’re going to see then yeah there’s different mass in differences different screen organizations it’s very highly voyaging I think of some of the Japanese shoot-’em-ups on the Megadrive and you got each level and each level can be different and the big variant in the scenery between levels there’s none of this here it’s yes the backdrop deepens but it’s all very Simon so we’re going onto the Amiga and you have what you’d expect from the Amiga sampled bang the instantly because the previous version I was playing was a hacked account got to run discs it doesn’t miss out some of the name string that we’re seeing here on the Amiga so don’t acquire the HT is missing some of these samples and some of those reverie graphics in the designation secrets on the Amiga they are probably there but they have been cut out of that form I was playing although that said the music on the Amiga is far easier on its first year than the a wide chip actually clangs recognizably like the original psalm designation screen accurately the same as the esti a few more colors on there but nothing that is going to shock you or prepare you go well this is a big difference it’s very very similar to the start the game there was a two player alternative by the way all it does is that you play one player after the other there’s no two actors on the screen at one side I’m not going to show that because you know this it’s essentially the same as the one musician competition that’s loading up level one crushed up screen now on the Amiga we got a black gap there on the bottom of the screen there looking a bit lazy there’s no reason that it needs to be I’m guessing they’ve gone for three 20 by 200 screen procedure and ported that over from the honour of course the amiga influence amiga is 320 by two five six so we’ve got yeah that appears about 56 pixels to me spare down the bottom lazy lads he was able to done you could have ported this boss properly and filled the screen but know you’ve just dropped this across from the SD and we’re missing 56 pixels at the bottom mega version Scrolls far better off I didn’t mention was the STK version can slow down when there’s a lot going on I guess that’s the lack of hard way of scrolling in the hardware on the ST especially when you had the altar fire on and there were quantities of things flying on me on yes it wasn’t substantial but it was slowing down the amiga explanation is much smoother and it doesn’t slow down no matter how much you’ve got on the screen other than that it’s pretty much identical to the s team probably to its handicap really they are able put a little bit more polishing even make it a little bit more of an amiga game yes they’ve exercised all 32 colours it says the gradients are a little bit better on it wasn’t a problem I noticed on the ST it’s it’s that’s late eighties early nineties thing where plays is directed at the st and then speedily ported to the Omega or liberated designed so they could be put out on the St Easley the Amiga really isn’t being pushed here there’s a dozen Japanese shooters on the Mega Drive that better than this it’s so derivative learn me g-man absolutely mad over this but to be honest they vanished mad over anything that had figment graphics and sound there was such a shallow periodical that precisely used to fawn over anything but have imagination graphics and yeah the game doesn’t stand up at all over the Sega Master System and yes don’t know what this is gonna be like I’m 8-bit with all the graphics and sound on the row back so we’re gonna give this a go and okay can I situate the cart in again all right take two he was he gonna slog I’m getting a super hang on yeah it drives generally thought it’d give a mistake again or seem to hang on my vehicle implement empty when I buy them then put to sleep but uh I don’t know what I didn’t want to work right so this is Troy this is a Marcel for all a mile arrangement trying to be a 16 -bit uh now I’ve not got the video running in slow motion this is what it’s like it’s laggy it’s slow you look if you look at it still from this sport you think wow there’s no really good job of porting this the graphics themselves are lovely but oh my goodness me this is are physically sluggish and it’s worse than that because it’s so sluggish the controls and laggy because the original competition has this kind of inertia where it takes you can see it there’s I got enough to right “youre seeing” what the intention is but the problem is on a door edition feeing this slow it’s like a one-quarter of a second when you’re crossing the joist to get everything actually moving on the screen oh dear it’s hard when it Scrolls left to right as an same screen solution a 16 -bit I don’t think stuck on the view I’m stuck oh my goodness me this is horrible this is absolutely distressing this like watching an elderly relative dancer a family wedding to the latest tombs in the hit parade and gobble sir is stressful it’s in its absolute embarrassing them the ruler oh it’s slowing down even more the mass structure can’t do this we considered our character was slow then this is even slower perfectly abysmal then on to is again the magazine’s raved over at the time primarily neglecting the most repetitious gameplay and the difficulty level in favour of the fancy graphics and sound yes it’s visually stunning particularly for 1989 go and the resounds absolutely brilliant on the Amiga it’s ok only St as well but don’t wait smart-alecky it’s repetitive it’s boring and it’s just dull and it’s done so many times better in other activities the Amiga version he’s probably the priorities in the tree it smells nice it looks nice but yeah the St version still looks very nice but seem isn’t quite there and it slows down and the last system version oh my goodness me why even attempt it our kind was slow on the mass system but just about playable this is not playable it precisely does not work it’s absolutely a free ticket a ridiculous sport on the mass system certainly rightfully dreadful exam your fortitude precisely frisking it because it is so gradual and on a game with a paper-thin gameplay that’s been done better and ports are another mass system plays lost animal flavors you could play that it’s essentially a vertical scrolling recreation it moves a reasonable hurrying but it doesn’t have this off the lytic slowness or this wheel around but then on to does yes Zen on to is extra key important tournament and quantities not season and it gapes marvelous but recreation playing rise it’s repetitious it’s boring and my goodness me I played this so you don’t have to you

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