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Welcome again Let’s solve more reces competition questions, hopefully This will represent you professionals in these matters Let’s is starting, I have a star here, and let’s assume we’re We know the following inclinations We know that the measure of this angle is 41 degrees And we know that this angle assess 113 degrees And we know that the measure of this angle is 101 positions And what we have to find – it’s the goal of Angle sport – We want to find the measure of this angle As always, I cause you to try to do this on your own If you stop the show and then try to find it And if something is difficult for you, stand up and play the evidence again and hope To give you a answer So stop it now, but let me make it clear as well How to do this Let’s see, this and this, and we’ll Find this angle How can we meet this angle? What are the possible approaches? Well, if we know this angle, then we can say They are two complementary angles But that angle seems difficult to find Also, because it is not part of any of the triangles But this angle is part of this triangle is not it? If we can find this angle and this angle These are the two green angles, if we can find these light-green recess So we should be able to find this brown slant, which is The point of this angles game It could be a good time too, because I am I “ve given you” a indicate This is the light-green reces, it’s complementary to this angle This means that it appraises 180, and This is obvious because it is the same line So this is 101 magnitudes and this is going to be 79 severities, right? So it weighs 180 severities This is 79 Now how do we find this angle Well, she retained herself in a corner at Somewhere, then we can see if it’s part of any triangle But we already said that it is part of this triangle But this does not help us since we are do not know This angle and that’s the goal What other triangles are you part of? Well, it’s part of this triangle That is why I wish the asterisk topic because it contains all These are the triangles that glance clear to you from the first examine But the more you look at it, the more you will see all these triangles So it is part of this triangle, and it is too Part of this triangle I’ll dye this triangle in another color because I approximate It will be clear to you that this is a helpful triangle until you visualize Being part of it So we have this triangle Is well known two inclinations from that triangle? Of course We know this angle and we know this angle We know that this angle is+ 113+ 41= 180 magnitudes due to the three directions of the triangle Let me call it, I don’t know, g for lettuce Let’s call it g for lettuce So we know that g+ 113, which is+ 41 – Remember, we’re looking at this triangle That is the hardest part, only keep the road itself, the triangle We’re looking at – it’s equal to 180 severities g +, what is this, 154? Right? 40, 50, 154= 180 stages I ever get it wrong here for everyone So g =, what is this, 26 units, remedy Because I’ve subtracted 154 from both sides So we’re almost now We met g, so we now know this green angle And we just have to find this, and they’re all a part From this triangle, this small triangle that is right here This little triangle And the goals and targets, let’s announcement this x x+ g, which is 26 measures – and we just found that 26+ this angle, 79 – and we pointed out that because it is Complementary to this angle– It would be equal to 180 stages So x +, what is this, 105= 180 So x= 75 positions, if you’ve added and Floated accurately x= 75 positions And we’re done Let us solve another of these issues All of these questions are found on Khan Academy’s website Who displayed this program is genius But anyway, we’re back to the issues Let me depicted more This reap will be straightforward It is made of two contiguou triangles So then let me draw another wire starting like this Then we draw a line that leads like this, and I mull I finished my reap let’s start I finished my make lets investigate What do we know about this triangle and what Do we need to find? I’ll tell you this is an inclination, this is a big angle It measured 86 positions We also know that the measure of this angle is 28 grades Also, this angle evaluates 122 measures The goal, to try to find The measure of this angle And maybe we can do that, we can do it with another hue We could do it in a few cases different ways The thing we can do is find a measure of this Angle, so we can subtract this green angle from 86 and we’ll get the answer Well, this angle is simple, right, because we know two tilts From this triangle, we can therefore find it Let’s call it, I don’t know, we’ll call it y So y+ 122+ 28= 180 y+ 150= 180 So y= 30 units, right? It is equal to 30 units So this is 30 measures, and the measure of this large angle is 86 So the target, let’s call that x, so x is equal For the large angle, 86 – this is the angle that we created A – 30 So x is equal to 50 degrees We finished This was a straightforward issue Let’s see if we can find that another way Well, we could say instead of this space – Let’s be pointed out that we ascertained just the way it is We can say that this angle is supplementary For an tilt that measures 122 stages, right, so it should be 180 magnitudes So this is+ 122= 180, so how much did it reach? He started it 58 positions, right? This+ this= 180 So we’ve created it If we can find these, then we can Use this triangle How did we initiate this angle? Well, we can look at this big triangle here, and we are familiar This surface, right, and we can find this Let’s call it z So we know that z+ is this angle, which is+ 28,+ this The gigantic direction, i.e .+ 86= 180 So z +, what, 106, 114= 180 So z= 66 degrees I don’t know if I did it all right But I hope so z= 66 So z= 66, and this angle is 58, and now we can use this Triangle to find the measure of this angle, so x So x+ 66+ 58= 180 And I genuinely ponder I might have done something wrong Somewhere So at this time I get x= – let’s see 66+ 58= 10,+ 14 180 –1 24 Now I get onto, x= 56 grades Oh well, I actually got the right answer You see this, I thought it was 50, but it is 56, correct – 86 -3 0 So x= 56 measures again So we created it in two different ways This is what I wanted to explain to you In point, there is no correct answer, as long You ultimately experienced them We organized it by two different methods and played all the addition and Subtraction correctly, and we get the same answer I hope you encountered the corners tournament fun and you will play it With your friends see you soon

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