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Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe it. I shrunk my sweater, thank goodness, I’m McQueen a clean and I’ve got a solution to that problem. What you’re going to need is two basins of warm water into the first one. We’Re going to put a couple of really generous squirts of baby shampoo and just mix that in a little bit then we’re going to take our sweater fold it, so it fits sit it in and just let it slowly sink to the bottom on its own. Now this is going to take a while so you’re going to want to walk away for about 15 minutes or so and come back once the sweater is in the bottom of the bend. The reason we’re letting the sweater sink to the bottom on its own, without pushing it is that the fibers of the sweater are slowly absorbing the baby shampoo in the water and they’re opening up, so that, eventually, when we’re done, we will be able to easily resize The sweater back to the size that originally was before it shrunk. Okay, we’re back we’ve waited 15 minutes for this to sink to the bottom. Now we’re going to take it out of the baby shampoo solution and put it into the rinse and to do that, we don’t want to squeeze it or wring it. We want to gently just take it into our hands like this and lift it from this solution. Gently into the solution lay it out and again we’re just going to kind of let it sink into that water, and this time you can gently help ease it down into it. Once it’s down in the water and it’s rinsed out we’re going to lift it out, and this is the important part this is where we’re going to resize it we’re going to lift it out of that water gently just with our hands again, no ringing. No stretching we’re going to move it over onto a towel, lay it out on the towel and you don’t have to reshape at this point. We’Re just going to get that water out and to do that. We’Re going to bring the towel up and I’m just going to Jen, we roll the sweater in the towel and I’m going to roll it back and forth a little bit to get the most of the water out. You can pat down on it. Just don’t bring her squeeze once we’ve done that then we’re going to take our sweater and we’re going to start and we’re going to stretch it out we’re going to pull on that sweater to get it back to the size. We need it now if you’re not sure, take a sweater that fits and lay it over to get it to the right size. As you can see, look at the difference I’ve already made in this, and if you need to stretch the sleeves go ahead, stretch those sleeves out to get. It stretched well you’re, going to leave it there and let it dry come back to it. If you need to and stretch it a little more once the sweater is dry, it’s going to be the same size as it used to be, and your problem is solved now for everyone out there. We want you to join the community. Let us know what you think using hashtag own show: [ Music, ]

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