Can a Wool Sweater Be Unshrunk? : Fiber Arts 101

Hi, my name is autumn winter. Skill from knitting in the red, and today we’re going to talk about. Can a wool sweater be unshrunk? The answer to this question is unfortunately, no a wool sweater cannot be unshrunk.

Once a wool sweater has been placed in the washer with hot water and soap and then place in the dryer on a very high heat setting or even a moderate heat setting, depending on how delicate the fiber is that the wool sweater has been composed. Of that sweater is going to shrink a lot. That’S because all those fibers are going to stick together and hug together very tightly, and every wool fiber has cuticles on it. Just like human hair does, except those cuticles are larger and stronger. So once they’re stuck, they can’t be pulled apart because they’re locked together. So if you are going to try to prevent shrinking a wool sweater when you wash it, please wash it by hand in cold water, with very gentle detergent, such as soap and if you’re skeptical, about ruining the wool sweater by using any kind of detergent just wash It by hand in cold water and lay it flat to dry without ringing any of the water out of the sweater, simply Pat it dry with a towel and gently squeeze the water out with your hands. You

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