How to Recover Deleted Files or Folders in Microsoft Exchange

hi Stuart here from Kroll Ontrack in this video series I’ll be showing you how to save time and hassle we’re competing different tasks in Microsoft Exchange in this video we’ll be looking at how to restore deleted messages or folders to a live exchange server the need arises quite often a user accident deletes a message or folder and doesn’t realize until a month later by which point you’re outside of the deleted item retention period for demonstration purposes we’ll be using on-track power control software to restore items from a backup copy of an exchange database which you can already see we’ve opened here next step is to connect our live exchange server and you have the choice here of connecting to a single mailbox whether that’s on premise or within office 365 or you can select all mailboxes for exchange 2013 or newer all you’re going to need is the domain controller name or to discover an Outlook anywhere will take care of the rest we’ll click Next and power controls will start the connection process and when that’s done you’ll see a list of all mailboxes that are currently on that target server we can then expand the desired target user mailbox in this window and select the inbox we can then go ahead and do the same for the source mailbox from the backup copy here all we’re going to do now is select the items that we need and drag and drop them to where they need to go power controls takes care of duplicate messages for you so you can see in this window that 3 out of 4 messages were successfully copied and one was identified as a duplicate and you can see what that message was the same process would be followed if you want to restore the entire mailbox just drag and drop and you’re done I hope you found this video useful don’t forget to Like and subscribe or leave a comment if you have any questions you can also find a link to the software tool I’m using in the description below thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time [Music] you

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