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Your beauty is all of my life, this is my creed Today I want to share with you a very important day in my life Actually this is my first time Go out without makeup All those who are struggling with this problem This hard question is ugly All know this is a process Sometimes it takes a few days, sometimes weeks or even months So now I am ready to take the next step My name is Linsey and I am receiving microneedle beauty The reason why microneedle beauty is so popular is It is a non-invasive beauty method that works in one week I am a skin expert with 20 years of experience This kind of edification began in his childhood in Romania My mother is also a medical beautician My instinct was awakened from the first day I entered this industry I was born to do this.

I am proud that I can change The way customers see themselves is satisfied with their skin I’m Kat Rudu, I’m a skin expert The best part is that if your skin is Sunburn, acne, hypopigmentation, stretch marks and injury Then the microneedle can quickly brighten the skin tone Shrink pores There are different specifications of microneedles on the market The most suitable size for non-prescription products is 0.5mm Those outside this range are medical grade Use over-the-counter microneedles Does not leave scars I have tried many different products since my skin texture deteriorated Retinoids, vitamin C, etc. used to eliminate fine lines The problem is that they do effectively remove fine lines But it also ruined my skin, my skin is very sensitive Combination skin is dry and picky What I fear most about microneedle beauty I don’t know what the effect will be after treatment My biggest worry is getting worse This is what I fear most I will use my magic to bring you perfect skin Cleansing and disinfection first Start treatment after numbness Microneedles create tiny channels on the skin surface You can sit up, you see it’s a bit pink now I have been receiving microneedle beauty for three days After treatment I found Now it’s easier to apply makeup and the skin quality is greatly improved The overall skin becomes smoother and fairer I’m very happy to meet Kat, she taught me in detail How to take care of my sensitive skin Now I can use the microneedle roller for beauty at home by myself

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