Congresswoman Bourdeaux talks about COVID relief bill, move to raise minimum wage

the house is expected to pass a nearly two trillion dollar coveted relief package in a late night vote and you can expect to it follow along party lines here’s what that bill includes 1400 stimulus checks for millions of americans boosted tax credits for families and workers and enhanced unemployment assistance there’s also housing aid and funding for education and child care health insurance and subsidies there along with some money for small businesses and billions in aids to states despite partisan disagreements in washington the latest quinnipiac poll shows 70 percent of americans support the relief bill representative carolyn bordeaux of georgia’s 7th congressional district says there’s a lot in it that she says will help georgians the funding to purchase the vaccine to deploy the vaccine as well as funding to track new variants of the disease for testing for contact tracing this bill is a huge component of just getting this disease under control and then supporting our families uh with extensions in unemployment insurance with uh supplemental checks uh with the uh the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit uh provisions like this that will help keep our families afloat one item that likely will not be in the senate version of this bill is the 15 federal minimum wage hike congresswoman bordeaux says the move to raise the minimum wage to 15 an hour would help hourly workers who’ve been on the front lines like grocery store and gas station employees well i think first it will lift a lot of people out of poverty it will give a lot of people raises which is really important you know i do have some concerns about the small business impact and we will be looking for ways to try to make sure that small businesses are able to absorb that increase republicans say overall the price tag for this relief package is too high georgia representative andrew clyde says republicans and democrats already negotiated five separate relief packages to address the fallout from the pandemic and the resulting economic downturn and more than a trillion from those efforts remain unspent today again when that coveted relief bill gets to the senate that minimum wage provision may be cut to help get the bill across the finish line any changes in the senate would require another vote in the house we did by the way reach out to all of georgia’s members of congress we’ll share their responses as we get them for you on

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