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Use trigonometric identities and the foil method. Cosx 1 2 and x 2nπ π 3 where n is an integer.

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Y 2 sinx cosx 2sinxcosx 1 最大値 最小値とその時のxの値を求めなさい 特に最小値の求め方がわかりません 数学 素朴な疑問なんですが こうやって変形したときにこのグラフの頂点はなんですか.

Sinx cosx 2sinxcosx 1. Sin x cos x sin x cos x sin x sin x sin x cos x cos x sin. And cosx 4 5 4 5. Hence either sinx 0 i e.

We are asked to prove that sin x cos x 2 1 2 sin x cos x. 1 change sin x cos x 2 to sin x cos x sin x cos x since the square of any expression is that expression multiplied by itself 2 utilize the foil method for multiplying binomials e g. Tanx 3 4.

But above solution can t satisfy the equation sinx 2cosx 1 and sinx 2cosx 2 simultaneously. So cosx 0 or x pi 2 is the only solution.

Free pre algebra algebra trigonometry calculus geometry statistics and chemistry calculators step by step. Sinx cosx sinx cosx 2 0 do sinx cosx 2 0 vô nghiêm nên ta gia i sinx cosx 0. Ta co sin2x 1 2sinxcosx sin x cos x sinx cosx thay va o pt ta đc 2 sinx cosx sinx cosx.

Or 1 2cosx 0 i e. Or sinx 3 5 3 5. So no solution exist for tanx 3 4.

So 2sinx cosx 2 1 0 2. Sinx 2sinxcosx 0. X nπ where n is an integer.

Sinx 1 2cosx 0.

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