Hyperion Vs Superman Prime

4 294 967 295 hyperion vs superman feb 12 2014 13 46 30 gmt. Hyperion by carpa5 fede de 10 chimoru gladiator by amon ra scruffydragon magus sentry by acey orochi shin superman prime one million by hannibal kal elvis friends.

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Sodam yat vs superman prime duration.

Hyperion vs superman prime. I m not really debating on hyperion s strength vs prime s as i also agree that prime should be stronger than hyperion based on power hierarchy w c i adhere to more than feats. Tho i believe hyperion s feat of surviving what may be enough force to nullify or unmake 2 universes is better than prime surviving the monarch explosion. Superman should win this to my admittedly limited understanding.

Hyperion s best feats are stopping a rogue planet lifting atlantis and temporarily holding two earth s apart. The way the wrath and the wonder. Super boy prime vs hyperion ahmed el muhammedy.

Unsubscribe from ahmed el muhammedy. Superman has lifted and thrown a small moon sized space ship moved the earth with mmh and wonder woman moved the earth moon and a spaceship and moved the earth with hal when it was being sucked.

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