What Does The Jougan Do

What Does The Jougan Do. Does that mean it is a pure Otsutsuki Eye? The Jougan may have been lying dormant for decades.

Free Wallpaper: Boruto Jougan
Free Wallpaper: Boruto Jougan (Ray Swanson)

My Naruto theory about Boruto's Jougan. Just what is Boruto's mysterious doujutsu, the Jougan? The Jougan may have been lying dormant for decades.

It is possible that he does possess the full chakra of Hagoromo because his father was bestowed with Six Paths chakra, but in my opinion, it is more likely that this does not get passed on in this way as it is.

Boruto may end up having to go to the Otsutsuki for answers since they are the only one's who understand his That blue-eyed prophecy might be more related to his Jougan than his eye color, though the Jougan does only exist in one eye.

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So Boruto has the Jougan which translates to PURE EYE. What do you think about Boruto eye power? My Naruto theory about Boruto's Jougan.

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