Yeet Hay Meaning In English

However yeet hay can also be used to describe how a person is. Also as far as i can tell all traditionally yeet hay or hot foods are acidic fried foods pizza burgers essentially all junk food.

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Yeet hay is an expression that originates from mandarin chinese.

Yeet hay meaning in english. The term yeet hay can refer to foods that are fried and greasy like chips fries burgers or hot and spicy like chilies and curry. It simply means hot and can be used when describing multiple things. It s usually when you eat too much fried foods and it is very yeet hay.

If you feel yeet hay it means your ph level is more acidic low ph than the normal of 7 4. Green bean soup sour plum soup. Yeet hay 熱氣.

Leurng chahs literally meaning cool teas such as chrysanthemum tea yah sei mei 24 flavor tea gum mo cha influenza tea. A good night s sleep also goes a long way in helping someone who is yeet hay. Not good for your mouth unhealthy i guess.

Traditional chinese medicine internal heat. High ph is the opposite lurng too. The first version of the expression yeet hay is used in medicine and describes a person with a fever.

Beer yes beer which is why caucasian people don t suffer from yeet hey at all. English terms borrowed from cantonese. All liáng 涼 or cooling foods are alkaline greens carrots beansprouts pears watermelon etc.

Yeet hay is directly related to your body s ph levels. Yeet hay can also be used to describe food the weather or basically anything that is hot. English terms derived from cantonese.

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