How To Leave Moonglade Without Hearthstone

Comment by allakhazam yeah took me a while to obtain this badboy but once you open your invetory you get it mang. If you have a hearth near thunderbluff or at thunderbluff use it 2.

Card Name Moonglade Portal Artist Evgeniy Zaqumyenny Portal Art Hearthstone First Night

There is a flight master in moonglade.

How to leave moonglade without hearthstone. There is a way to get to moonglade without either beeing a druid or fight ur way thru the timbermawns. As for the other ones go to the dude that gives you all the quests. There s a regular flight master south of the lake.

How do druids leave moonglade in world of warcraft classic. Moonglade is a teleportation spell for druids. Having my hearthstone set in lor danel now i think i ve oopsie d.

I heard ppl use it alll the way to 60 what noowbz. Useful for night elf druids it allows for a short trip to darnassus serving the function of a hearthstone for their hometown. I m to afraid you can and i don t want to be left without a hearthstone xd.

There is a flight path in nighthaven near the southwest corner that goes straight to thunderbluff. Take the druid only flightpath that takes you back to rut village outside of darnassus or for the horde takes you to thunderbluff. Take the regular flightpath.

Dont know if anyone else have discovered it. Use the spell teleport. With new scaling it became possible for worgen druids to leave the zone as they get teleport moonglade at level 14.

Having done this and then going to lor danel for fun at level 15 i ve found out that you can t queue for dungeons without having done this. All u need to do is to go to the most nothern part of darkshore and start swim north along the shore after a few min of swimming it will say u ve entered moonglade. When you arrive speak with dendrite starblaze in the village of nighthaven.

Moonglade 120 mana10 sec castteleports the caster to the moonglade. They are next to. Comment by allakhazam hunter weapon.

Since the starting zone is a separate instance from the regular version of gilneas the only way to get back is to use this spell s return function or a hearthstone. Comment by allakhazam just a quick sidenote you can use this to train when you are in outland or something then hearthstone back. She s south of the lake east of the tunnel to felwood winterspring.

Comment by 39249 there are two ways to get back to thunderbluff. The horde equiv is just west of the tunnel. This spell is given to you at the start of the bear form quest chain.

Moonglade to travel to moonglade. Learn from my mistake. For nes when you hit level 10 the trainer in dolanaar gives you a quest that ultimately gives you this spell and sends you to moonglade to learn bear form.

The return function will remember the druid s last departure point even if they leave moonglade and then come back by a method besides teleport.

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