Naruto Sees Boruto S Jougan

It is known as the pure eye. Although it has not been explicitly mentioned in the anime but the translation of a manga panel indicates so.

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Jougan s strongest ability is the space time ninjutsu it can see invisible barriers that connects between two dimensions.

Naruto sees boruto s jougan. Boruto activates jougan roasts naruto toneri visits boruto in his dream anime. The jougan allows him to sense and see chakra its pathway system and also view the invisible barriers between different dimensions. We won t be seeing any additional powers from boruto s eye for now since toneri otsutsuki mentioned that the path to nue is closed for now.

Damn did kishimoto mess up by not giving him the byakugan just because he forgot. Lastly the strongest of the lot space time ninjutsu. However when this was played into action his jougan reacted to naruto s rasen shuriken s chakra and began absorbing the energy whilst boruto was warping.

The kid was hyped about it too. The way boruto s warping worked was be changing his position in space without affecting time but with naruto s chakra that transcends time itself added to the mix. In the manga the dōjutsu is featureless in appearance with a barely visible pupil.

The jōgan is a unique dōjutsu that is known only by the ōtsutsuki clan whose members claim it s troublesome and that it s a power strongly inherited from their clan. He may have inherited this ability because naruto has also experienced the same thing with his mother. It can see invisible barriers that connect two dimensions.

As for karma of course he noticed and definitely has already discussed it with sasuke he s even involving sai and ibuki. When depicted in the anime the dōjutsu is blue in colour with a darkened sclera and. It was confirmed during the nue arc of the series.

Let s see how the future unfolds for our young protagonist. The jougan can see the key points which connect chakra kinda like an improvised byakyugan. Aside from this jougan also gives emotion sensing abilities to boruto.

From what we have seen the jougan is capable of the following it can sense evil chakra. Hiashi and naruto discussed about boruto s eye they knew there s something but they don t know it s jougan. The good thing is that the jougan can see the chackra pathway like the byakugan does so it s good it can also target the main weak chackra point so it sgood too.

The term refers to pure eye and its structure is quite similar to naruto s eyes when he senses evil chakra or when he is releasing his darkest side. The eye that boruto possesses is known as the jougan.

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