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I found this in 2 2 custom roms and never on stock 2 1. It downloads images in the background threa.

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If the lazylist folder says data but all the files say cache you can delete the files and leave the folder.

Lazylist samsung. I see it has a lot of files and the files here keep increasing over time. Just watch the folder for new files to see where they come from. Most every other issue to this phone has been a non issue for me to this point however the one feature samsung really screwed us on is the voice capabilities of the phone i think they are tied to the nuance system and therefore unusable by other apps like google voice search and where i hope samsung or sprint writes a live search app for.

Apr 20 2009 5 559 1 350 0 atlanta ga. Ordner wird auf sd karte erstellt. Mit einem kleinen trick könnt ihr verhindern dass lazylist nach dem löschen neu angelegt wird und den speicher der sd karte vollstopft.

Dec 20 2010 at 7 11 pm 1 what is the folder called lazylist that is created on sdcard. There s no harm in deleting the folder but it will come back. Please download the source code at lazylistimplementation it may be helpful to somebody.

Captivate q a help troubleshooting. Lazylist is a folder created and used by multiple apps to store cached image files. Fortunately samsung has a built in way to help users see detailed information about what is taking up space and also provides a simple way of deleting unwanted items.

This is used to help speed up the loading of the play store apps etc. This tool is called smart manager and it s available for the galaxy s6 galaxy s6 edge galaxy s6 edge galaxy note 5 galaxy s7 and galaxy s7 edge. Open the folder and view the files as images and you ll see images from apps you ve used.

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