Jougan Vs Tenseigan

Based on this information and toneri s origin some people suspect that jougan is a dojutsu in byakugan tenseigan line. Naruto the movie through toneri otsutsuki.

Rinne Sharingan Ketsuryugan E Jougan Olhos De Anime Naruto E Sasuke Desenho Anime Engracado

This eye can be awakened once the byakugan is coupled with strong otsutsuki blood.

Jougan vs tenseigan. The term refers to pure eye and its structure is quite similar to naruto s eyes when he senses evil chakra or when he is releasing his darkest side. Toneri s goal in the last naruto the movie was to bring salvation to mankind. Boruto uzumaki is the only wielder of this power so far however what we do know is that its powers allow the user to see rifts in space time.

Jika membahas kekuatan untuk melihat aura jahat seseorang jelas naruto memiliki kemampuan ini berkat chakra kurama yang sudah diterima olehnya. Tenseigan was first introduced in the last. Jougan is a relatively new addition to the kekkai genkai abilities within the naruto franchise.

The energy container main tenseigan has also been damaged. He himself also mentioned that eye as jougan which means pure eye. Boruto activated jougan during fight with mitsuki vs nue in a particular scene nue s chakra triggered boruto which results in revealing the new dojutsu jougan.

He bore immense hatred towards the weaponizing of chakra by mankind. Puppets with strong fighting abilities which had made it difficult for sakura sai shikamaru and naruto in their efforts to help hanabi. The animator explained that the eye was neither a byakugan nor a tenseigan and at the time was being referred to as a jōgan 浄眼 literally meaning.

Some also think that it is toneri who gave boruto the eye but for now we don t think that is the case. He also explained that the eye is related to the ōtsutsuki clan s dimension and its powers are the dōjutsu equivalent of naruto s ability to sense negative emotions. This eye has only been wielded by boruto uzumaki so.

This was quite problematic especially because this energy container gave toneri his men. Not much is known about the tenseigan but it is said that hamura used the tenseigan to bring peace to his people. The jougan is the most recent visual jutsu to have been introduced to us in boruto.

Jougan boruto memiliki keunikan yang berbeda dengan mata tenseigan maupun byakugan yaitu mata ini dapat melihat aura jahat dari seseorang atau setidaknya baru ini kekuatan jougan yang diperlihatkan. Jougan one of the kekkei genkai of the otsutsuki the jougan is a rather mysterious power that hasn t been fully explained to us yet. The tenseigan is a kekkei genkai of the otsutsuki that only a few known members seem to possess.

Yes the jougan has the tenseigan in it plus byakugan in it then its powers are unknown so with that at the same time they could be or jougan being stronger the rinnegan is stronger than the tenseigan and the jougan posses most the rinnegan abiltys so if we think about it the jougan should be stronger than the tenseigan. It is called the reincarnation eye and appears similar to the jougan.

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