Saengil Chukha Hamnida Meaning

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How To Say Happy Birthday In Korean Learn Basic Korean Vocabulary Phrases With Dom Hyo

We celebrate your birthday.

Saengil chukha hamnida meaning. But there are slight variations to. Our beloved we celebrate your birthday edit. They are also the versions of happy birthday that appear on birthday cards.

Saeng il is birthday and chuk ha hamnida is congratulations so it literally means something like congratulations on or for your birthday. We celebrate your birthday. And wats the diff gumanwuh n kahmsahahmnida.

If so there comes at least one time a year when knowing how to say happy birthday in korean will come in handy. There are also other formal and informal versions of saying happy birthday. Birth of a child is known as 탄생 tansaeng in korea and birthplace would be 출생지 chulsaengji.

To ask date of birth one may use the word 생년월일 saeng nyon wo ril. I would trust unknownnn s answer more than mine. In korean happy birthday is 생일 축하합니다 saengil chukha hamnida this is the formal version.

Saengil chukha hamnida meaning. Saranghaneun saengil chukha hamnida.

Saengil chukahaeyo these are two set phrases and can be used on most occasions. The two versions are similar except that the 합니다 hamnida version is slightly more formal. The first version of the korean happy birthday song below.

The standard way to say this is saengil chukhahaeyo in hangul. If you were thinking of the traditional english song happy birthday i doubt that a direct translation of the song into korean would carry much meaning and might even be misunderstood.

Happy birthday hangul 생일축하합니다 생 saeng 일 il 축 chuk 하 ha 합 ham 니 ni 다 da pronunciation. Btw i m above you not below. Can i not use the hahmnida word actually hahmida means wat.

Saengil Chukha Hamnida

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