Is Prank Calling Mcdonalds Illegal

We ve just been asking if bob was there to see what they said. Me and a few friends have been prank calling mcdonalds.

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Calling a mcdonald s and asking for a whopper may be annoying and obnoxious but it s not illegal.

Is prank calling mcdonalds illegal. The call was traced to gerald s house in globe arizona. However calling a mcdonald s ordering 100 big macs and sending them to a random location is considered a crime because you now owe them around 350. For more gta 5 videos subscribe help me get 3 000 000 subscribers.

Little girl gets arrested for prank calling mcdonalds. Prank calling is illegal in most states as it is often considered a form of harassment stalking or bullying. When gerald gault was fifteen years old he made an obscene telephone call.

The truth is that prank calls themselves are not illegal. While technically it can be somewhat illegal as the people or businesses you re calling are expecting serious questions or help from you working at call centers. However if you are saying abusive things or making threats during a prank call this could be considered harassment and could get you in.

This applies to all restaurants and other businesses. It really depends on what you do when you call. He was taken into custody prosecuted and placed in the state s school for boys.

However the act of using a telephone for fraudulent harassing or threatening means is an illegal act that can be punishable from fines to jail time. We haven t been offensive and threatening and the calls last less that a minuet but we ve called about 4 or 5 times. We just want to make sure it s ok because on the last call they said they d send the calls to the police.

While some prank calling won t get you arrested it s best not to prank call anyone at all. It sounds stupid but it was funny at the time. After some admirable detective work including that of the op himself we have come to the conclusion that prank calls are in fact an illegal activity and therefore should be removed.

As the thread was closed for being illegal the op made a query as to whether the activity of prank calling was actually illegal not why the thread was removed. The nature as well as the frequency of the prank call s is used as a barometer in determining the ultimate penalty.

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