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Jougan Eyes. So Just a warning I say "um" alot or be. The animator clarified that the Boruto's eye was neither a Byakugan nor a Tenseigan.

Double Jougan [Boruto FA] | Anime Amino
Double Jougan [Boruto FA] | Anime Amino (Rosa Patterson)

Meaning, this eye that Boruto possesses is somehow linked to the dimension that Nue is from. Check out inspiring examples of jougan artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. The Jougan Eye of Boruto Uzumaki has been teased to us on several different occasions, with the.

How to draw all eyes of Naruto.

Jougan translates to 'pure eye' and we know that Boruto has inherited the Otsutsuki's power as But nevertheless Boruto's eye is very intriguing and is probably going to be part of his skill set in the future.

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Jougan: The Name Of Boruto's Eye Confirmed?! – AnimeWorldDbN


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Boruto – Naruto Next Generations: Boruto uses Jougan in Battle, Boruto's Jougan Eye Activate The Jougan or the Rinnegan. 🆕JOUGAN the pure eye?! Boruto has unlocked the pure eye Jougan ability which no one else in the naruto universe even has.

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