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Lady and the tramp 2019 follows the ups and downs of a cocker spaniel lady tessa thompson who worries about being replaced in the family home by a newborn child. The 2019 remake tackles the issue head on with a new song from janelle monae s collaborators.

Lady And The Tramp 2019 Cinema Cats Cats Devon Rex Cats Rex Cat

Disney s lady and the tramp 2019 mostly stays faithful to the original 1955 classic but revises the controversial siamese cat sequence.

Lady and the tramp 2019 siamese cats. The cats are no longer siamese cats replaced by devon rex which are cool looking cats with huge ears and big eyes the cats are realistically animated in film alongside the live action dog. She hits the road with her schnauzer pal who goes by numerous names but is indeed the titular tramp justin theroux. Lady and the tramp has always been a problematic fave because of that racist siamese cat song.

In the 2019 version of the story the two cats in the basket are given a blues ragtime style song titled what a shame written by janelle monae who also voices peg in the remake and her.

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