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We take security seriously and do quarterly security audits. If you want to add a well oiled note taking system to your notion workspace then you re in the right place.

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Are you comfortable sharing your whole life career financial travel plans etc with notion.

Notion note taking security. Notion the workspace and note taking app just became much more appealing to individual users the company said today that people on its free plan will now be able to create unlimited notes. A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. You can easily implement this system into your existing note taking system.

With native note taking apps you can backup your notes to a cloud service of your choice. Hi i asked notion so a digital note taking app a couple of questions on security privacy and general things and here is the reply i got copy pasted it from my email we don t provide 2 factor auth yet. Security staff should care about the official notebook as the legal documents in case of a serious incident the notebook can use as the evidence in the court.

From the past 3 years i have. Need to add it soon though. A notion note taking template with embedded formatting options and tools.

Help us petition notion to give all its users complete control over their notes in the app. Recently i have started using a beautiful app called notion. It s the all in one workspace for you and your team.

After spending nearly 10 years using evernote i started using notion for some of my work back in 2018. In those two years i ve built a company wiki a huge video project tracker and lots. This is how secure notion is.

The template was my solution to having to start with an empty page something i absolutely hate. Our employees can access your data. Yes you guessed it this is a note taking app and i really like the flexibility this application offers.

When the notebook is filled should be returned to the company. The result of months of experimentation my note taking template is the closest you can get to replicating the best features from note taking apps like evernote onenote and bear while still. The template solve this problem by presenting you with 6 different formatting options and 7 useful tools each time you create a new note.

Issue and return the security notebook every notebook may issue according to the serial number as the controlled items. When i started using notion in 2018 for project management i had a hard time adapting it for my note taking needs so i built this template.

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