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Crunchyroll telah melisensikan serial ini untuk amerika utara. Tsuki ga kirei is a boring adolescent romance that masquerades as something more than it is.

Learn the meaning of tsuki wa kirei desu ne and hundreds of other japanese words and phrases in our online japanese lessons and apply your new knowledge in our online exercises.

Tsuki ga kirei meaning in english. Tsuki ga kirei desu ne itou hachi summary is updating. As the moon so beautiful is a 2017 japanese romance anime television series produced by feel it originally aired from april 6 to june 29 2017. Obviously with context where there are two young people staring romantically at the moon then one can deduce that the speaker is communicating love.

It s avoidance of standard romance tropes is not an act that by default renders a romance any better or even realistic or compelling if it s still utterly lacking in anything substantive whatsoever. Japanese romaji english subtitles available tsuki ga kirei as the moon so beautiful with a new school year comes a new crowd of classmates and for their final year of junior high aspiring writer kotarou azumi and track team member akane mizuno end up in the same class. One conjugation of the na adjective kireina which means beautiful in japanese.

Add a meaning cancel. Visit a page 5. Tsuki ga kirei wiki is a mediawiki based encyclopedia dedicated to everything about tsuki ga kirei 月がきれい つきがきれい tsuki ga kirei literally meaning as the moon so beautiful a 2017 japanese romance anime television series produced by feel aired from april 6 2017 to june 29 2017 we are striving to be the most known encyclopedia that covers information.

Though initially complete strangers a few chance encounters stir an innocent. Crunchyroll has licensed the series in north america. As a coming of age contemporary romance the story follows the lives of two junior high school students akane and kotarō who fall in love for the.

It is often translated into english as so very or much. Learn japanese by watching anime. In the example it is put before kirei to emphasize its meaning.

Tsuki ga kirei desu ne most women have only to lay eyes on you to want to be doing something for you so badly they can t stand. Kirei 綺麗 きれい. Vote rate 5.

Pronunciation of tsuki ga kirei with 2 audio pronunciations and more for tsuki ga kirei. Add a comment 10. It has been conjugated for a better connection with its following word.

Tsuki ga kirei 月がきれい transl. Tsuki ga kirei 月がきれい as the moon so beautiful adalah serial anime romansa dari jepang tahun 2017 yang diproduksi oleh feel anime ini ditayangkan dari 6 april hingga 29 juni 2017. How to say tsuki ga kirei in english.

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