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Pronunciation of bosse with 2 audio pronunciations 14 translations 8 sentences and more for bosse. Das war keine böse absicht there was no harm intended.

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The ü sound is pronounced with very pursed lips.

Bose pronunciation german. Led by anand mohan bose took umbrage at. How to say bose. Pronunciation of böse with 3 audio pronunciations 6 synonyms 2 meanings 14 translations 5 sentences and more for böse.

V consumers union of united states inc. How do you pronounce bose. Sittlich schlecht bad.

Sign in to disable all ads. From middle high german bœse bōse from old high german bōsi from proto germanic bausuz inflated puffed up arrogant bad from proto indo european bʰew bew to blow inflate swell akin to yiddish בייז beyz dutch boos and english boast. How do you say bose audio.

Die böse fee stiefmutter the wicked fairy stepmother. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Ein böser geist an evil spirit.

Listen to the audio pronunciation of bose audio on pronouncekiwi. How to say bosse in english. How to say bose pronounce bose how do you say bose pronunciation bose.

Diphthongs are combinations of two vowels in one syllable as in the. Tofro nov 30 18 at 13 48 2 if speaking high german there is a very clear difference imho. How to pronounce bose corp.

Stephanmg nov 30 18 at 21 08. How to pronounce bose. English translation of böse.

Björnfriedrich note there are dialects where it s pretty close for a non native speaker namely the ones that pronounce kirche as köache. Unartig naughty bad. Arabic chinese french german hindi indonesian italian korean portuguese russian spanish turkish.

To make your german vowels ä ö and ü sound a bit more authentic try progressing through the ä ö and ü sounds pronouncing the vowels as though you re getting ready to kiss someone in other words round your lips and pucker up baby.

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